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Skysoft Software Database Structure.
Last Updated : 2011-04-21 11:54:33
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The Skysoft Software Database has been structured as a tree. This structure is wrong in our view: the software has a structure by far too complex to be rapresented in such a bidimensional way. Consideration of Database implementation and ease of consultation led us to strip dow such a complexity.

Here there is the present database structure. By the dynamic nature of Skysoft approach, this can be slighthly outdated.

Data reduction and Handling
        Large general packages
                add-on for large packages
        Data Handling and Display
        Specialized Reduction Tools
        Data Conversion
        Statistical packages

Data Archiving
        Query Languages
        Structure Organizer

Astronomical Tools
        Large Tools collections
        Sky maps
        Coordinate conversions
        Celestial Ephemeris
        Observations planning
        Physical simulation and modelling
                Radiative Transport

Developer's Tools
        General Tools
        Device Drivers
        Human Interfaces
        Data Handling libraries
        Data Archiving libraries
        Astrometry Libraries
        Documentation and Web tools
        Instruments development and project

        Time allocation
        Telescope pointing
        Project management

Didactic Tools
        Digital Orreries
        Learning tools
        Amateur's tools