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What is the Skysoft approach and what are its advantages?


Skysoft is intended to be built by the community which uses it! If you think that Skysoft lacks some information you deem useful, just add it! Many others can benefit by your (minimum) effort! Plus you gain publicity for your work!
Our aim is to build a site useful for astronomers and instrument developers, and to make this utility widely available, easy to use, and up-to-date with the latest developments. We cannot cope with the enormous amount of information and expertise needed. But the community as a whole has all the necessary competence! If we all share our 2 cents of information, we will build a site more useful for everybody.
We started with a small amount of software we found in the net, just to boostrap the site. The selection was rather arbitrary, based on our own knowledge. Obviously, we have missed important information: please add it and help improve the site! We are ready to add a newsletter, an event calendar, some discussion lists, and more.

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