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Microsoft Extends Product Lifecycle

Posted by baffa on Jun 04, 2004 - 10:41 AM
Microsoft has decided to extend product support on business and developer products. Mainstream support remains unchanged at 5 years, extended support is greatly extended from 2 to 5 years and Online self-help support is extended from 8 to 10 years.

Rosetta's first scientific observations

Posted by baffa on May 28, 2004 - 12:00 AM
From ESA press release: "ESA's comet-chaser Rosetta, whose 10-year journey to its final target Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko started on 2 March, is well on its way. The first phase of commissioning is close to completion and Rosetta has successfully performed its first scientific activity - observation of Comet Linear."

Largest CCD Camera

Posted by baffa on May 27, 2004 - 09:20 AM
A Large collaboration of institutes built DECam, the largest CDD camerabuilt so far, composed of 60 rectangular (2k x 4k) CCDs, each with 8 million 15-micron pixels. The camera is meant to be used by the Dark Energy Survey project At Cerro Tololo.

URSI 04 International Symposium

Posted by baffa on May 18, 2004 - 12:02 PM
The International Union of Radio Science (URSI) organizes a triennial series of international symposia on electromagnetic theory. The next symposium in this series is the 2004 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory, which will be held in Pisa, Italy, May 23-27, 2004.

Fedora Core 2 released

Posted by baffa on May 17, 2004 - 01:04 PM
Fedora Core 2 has been released. To ease mirroring Fedora can be got now via BitTorrent. It's available in both the 4 CD version or the DVD version.

Microsoft Releases WTL

Posted by baffa on May 14, 2004 - 10:54 AM
Microsoft has released WTL (Windows Template Library) toolkit source code to The toolkit allows a Windows developer to create quick GUIs in C++. WTL extends ATL (Active Template Library) and provides a set of classes for controls, dialogs, frame windows, GDI objects, and more. WTL is licensed under CPL.

Knoppix v3.4

Posted by baffa on May 06, 2004 - 10:23 AM
The latest update of Knoppix (v3.4), the bootable linux CD distribution has been released. It is possible to download it using bittorrent tracker here.

NASA - Robotic Repair Of Hubble 'Promising'

Posted by baffa on Apr 29, 2004 - 12:00 AM
From CNN: NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe told U.S. lawmakers worried about the Hubble Space Telescope's future that robotic servicing of the orbiting observatory appears to be more feasible than agency officials initially believed.

Universal Limits on Computation

Posted by baffa on Apr 28, 2004 - 10:58 AM
A report on the cosmological limit on computational capacity has been published at CERN. Luckily the derived limit is still far!

How long last CDs?

Posted by baffa on Apr 25, 2004 - 03:48 PM
A disturbing essay on durability of CD media was recently published in UK. An excellent reasearch by the US Library of Congress is here.

ADASS XIV Conference

Posted by baffa on Apr 20, 2004 - 07:00 PM
The 14th annual conference on Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) will be held in Pasadena, California, USA, at the Sheraton Hotel from October 24-27, 2004.

Mandrakelinux 10 Released

Posted by baffa on Apr 16, 2004 - 12:00 AM
Two months after the Community release, Mandrakesoft has announced the Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official release. Download ISOs are available for Club members and packs are also avaible on MandrakeStore.

Introducing "Cooperative Linux"

Posted by baffa on Apr 15, 2004 - 12:00 AM
From LinuxWorld: "A month ago, a trial version of a little-known Linux application called CoLinux was released that is the first working free and open source method for optimally running Linux on Microsoft Windows natively. Some analysts are already saying it could help transform the software world."

A Live Linux-CD for Security

Posted by baffa on Apr 12, 2004 - 12:00 AM has released a new version of their live-CD Linux distribution which contains over 200 security tools. The ISO images are meant to be burned on 185MB and 210MB miniCDs.

NASA Extends Mars Rovers' Mission

Posted by baffa on Apr 10, 2004 - 11:57 AM
NASA has approved an extended mission for the Mars Exploration Rovers, handing them up to five months of overtime assignments as they finish their three-month prime mission.
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