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Solaris for free!

Posted by baffa on Dec 15, 2003 - 10:30 AM
Now that RedHat is out of small workstation market, can be worth noting that Solaris for x86 can be downloaded for free here. You can find a review here.

Cospar meeting: "Young Neutron Stars and Supernova Remnants"

Posted by baffa on Dec 15, 2003 - 04:00 AM
COSPAR is pleased to announce the meeting Young Neutron Stars and Supernova Remnants, which will be session E1.4 of the 35th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, to be held in Paris, France, over the period 18-25 July, 2004.

NOZOMY failed

Posted by baffa on Dec 14, 2003 - 09:23 AM
From JAXA, Japan's space agency abandoned NOZOMI, its troubled mission to Mars on Tuesday after space officials failed in their final effort to put the Nozomi probe back on course to orbit the Red Planet.

Commercial support for Read Hat 8 and 9

Posted by baffa on Dec 10, 2003 - 10:32 AM
As a response to end of support for Red Hat's Desktop Linux distributions (see here), Progeny now offers commercial support and security updates for distributions from 7.2 to 9. We expect this will ease the need to promptly migrate to new distributions.

Microsoft retires several products

Posted by baffa on Dec 10, 2003 - 09:04 AM
Microsoft will retire, from its subscribers download area, several products, including Windows 98, Office XP Developer, Windows NT 4.0, Project 2000, SQL Server 7, To comply with a court order related to its dispute with Sun Microsystems over Java. Also we remember that some of cited products will reach their commercial end-of-life in the next month and will be no more supported, as Windows 98. A C|net article can be found here.

Humanity will survive information deluge, by A.C. Clarke

Posted by baffa on Dec 09, 2003 - 05:50 PM
A nice interview of our collegue Arthur C. Clarke and his views on informations, software, ecc., can be found here.

Conference on "The Environments of Galaxies"

Posted by baffa on Dec 02, 2003 - 11:01 AM
A conference on "The Environments of Galaxies: from kpc to Mpc: First Announcement" will be held on the island of Crete, on August 9-13th 2004.

The 5th INTEGRAL workshop

Posted by baffa on Nov 24, 2003 - 11:10 AM
The 5th INTEGRAL workshop will take place in Munich from February 16 - 20, 2004 in the Bavarian Academy of Sciences. The main goals of the 5th INTEGRAL workshop "The INTEGRAL Universe" are to present and discuss the scientific results obtained by INTEGRAL and co-ordinated observations with other observatories and spacecraft instruments during the 1st year of nominal mission operations. The registration deadline is on December 15th, 2003

NOZOMI near the failure?

Posted by baffa on Nov 22, 2003 - 04:03 PM
NOZOMI, the Japanese Mars exploration probe, experienced severe malfunction. Ask force of scientists and engineers of the newborn The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency are trying a last tentative. If they will not succeed, they will be forced to change the probe orbit far from Mars, and NOZOMI will escape from Martian gravitational sphere. The turning point will be around Dec 10Th.

Using Natural Selection to Investigate Optimizations

Posted by baffa on Nov 20, 2003 - 09:45 AM
A comprehensive and enlightening article on the search of best optimization in compiling C program have been published here. It is well known how difficult is to determine the best set of optimization flags for a given program: the article gives directions and a program which explores the 2^53 possibilities by means of genetic algorithm.

Astronomical Data Analysis - III

Posted by baffa on Nov 17, 2003 - 04:19 PM
The third meeting on Astronomical Data Analysis will be held from April 29th 2004 to May 1st 2004 at Sorrento, Italy.

Educational Discount on Commercial Linux

Posted by baffa on Nov 17, 2003 - 03:57 PM
Red Hat and SuSE Linux, the top two sellers of the open-source operating system, are launching new discounts to attract students and educational institutions, a strategically important customer set for technology companies.

New Arecibo investigation deny Moon's Ice Caps.

Posted by baffa on Nov 13, 2003 - 05:16 PM
From New Scientist:
The thick ice sheets many astronomers thought were hidden in some of the Moon's craters almost certainly do not exist, according to observations from the world's biggest radar.

China's Moon Project

Posted by baffa on Nov 12, 2003 - 03:58 PM
China's moon probing project is proceeding in full swing in a well-organized way. China's first moon probing is planned to be launched in three years.

First primary on LBT

Posted by baffa on Nov 10, 2003 - 09:21 AM
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