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Astronomical Tools  Astronomical Tools (52)
Tools specifically created or adapted for Astronomical use.
  --- Astrometry and Geodesy  Astrometry and Geodesy 
  --- Celestial Ephemeris  Celestial Ephemeris 
  --- Coordinate Conversions  Coordinate Conversions 
  --- Large Tools Collections  Large Tools Collections 
  --- Observations Planning  Observations Planning 
  --- Physical Simulations and Modelling  Physical Simulations and Modelling 
  --- Sky Maps  Sky Maps 
  Data Archives  Data Archives (10)
Tools to store, retrive and organize data in catagues or in databases.
  --- Databases  Databases 
  --- Query Languages  Query Languages 
  --- Structure Organizer  Structure Organizer 
Data Reduction and Handling  Data Reduction and Handling (114)
Tools to manipulate data, reduce observation data, compose images, create graphic and so on.
  --- Data Conversion  Data Conversion 
  --- Data Handling and Display  Data Handling and Display 
  --- Large General Packages  Large General Packages 
  --- Specialized Reduction Tools  Specialized Reduction Tools 
  --- Statistical Packages  Statistical Packages 
  --- Utilities  Utilities 
  Developers' Tools  Developers' Tools (105) 
Tools to develop software for Astronomy.
  --- Astrometry Libraries  Astrometry Libraries 
  --- Data Archiving Libraries  Data Archiving Libraries 
  --- Data Handling Libraries  Data Handling Libraries 
  --- Device Drivers  Device Drivers 
  --- Documentation and Web tools  Documentation and Web tools 
  --- General Tools  General Tools 
  --- Human Interfaces  Human Interfaces 
  --- Instruments development and project  Instruments development and project 
Didactic Tools  Didactic Tools (22)
Tools for the didactic of Astronomy.
  --- Amateur's tools  Amateur's tools 
  --- Digital Orreries  Digital Orreries 
  --- Learning Tools  Learning Tools 
  Management  Management (14)
Software to ease the mangement of astronomical resources.
  --- EDP Management  EDP Management 
  --- Project Management  Project Management 
  --- Telescope Pointing  Telescope Pointing 
  --- Time Allocation  Time Allocation 

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