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COCO  Popular
The COCO program converts star coordinates from one system to another. Both the improved IAU system, post-1976, and the old pre-1976 system are supported.
Addedd on: 26-Sep-2003 | hits: 4027
Category: Start / Astronomical Tools / Coordinate Conversions

ascfit  Popular
ascfit (Automatic Stellar Coordinate fitting) comprises a collection of C programs which adds WCS coordinates to single or multiple files.
Addedd on: 08-Sep-2003 | hits: 3986
Category: Start / Astronomical Tools / Astrometry and Geodesy

SPOT  Popular
SPOT, Spitzer Planning Observations Tool, is a software package used by Spitzer observers to plan observations and submit proposals.
Addedd on: 05-Sep-2004 | hits: 3905
Category: Start / Astronomical Tools / Observations Planning

COSMICS  Popular
COSMICS is a package of fortran programs useful for computing transfer functions and microwave background anisotropy for cosmological models, and for generating gaussian random initial conditions for nonlinear structure formation simulations of such models.
Addedd on: 29-Sep-2003 | hits: 3741
Category: Start / Astronomical Tools / Physical Simulations and Modelling

CSENV  Popular
CSENV (pronounced See-Senv) is a code that computes the chemical abundances for a desired set of species as a function of radius in a stationary, non-clumpy, CircumStellar ENVelope. The chemical species can be atoms, molecules, ions, radicals, molecular ions, and/or their specific quantum states.
Addedd on: 15-Sep-2003 | hits: 3715
Category: Start / Astronomical Tools / Physical Simulations and Modelling