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COCO  Popular
The COCO program converts star coordinates from one system to another. Both the improved IAU system, post-1976, and the old pre-1976 system are supported.
Addedd on: 26-Sep-2003 | hits: 3888
Category: Start / Astronomical Tools / Coordinate Conversions

ascfit  Popular
ascfit (Automatic Stellar Coordinate fitting) comprises a collection of C programs which adds WCS coordinates to single or multiple files.
Addedd on: 08-Sep-2003 | hits: 3811
Category: Start / Astronomical Tools / Astrometry and Geodesy

SPOT  Popular
SPOT, Spitzer Planning Observations Tool, is a software package used by Spitzer observers to plan observations and submit proposals.
Addedd on: 05-Sep-2004 | hits: 3750
Category: Start / Astronomical Tools / Observations Planning

CSENV  Popular
CSENV (pronounced See-Senv) is a code that computes the chemical abundances for a desired set of species as a function of radius in a stationary, non-clumpy, CircumStellar ENVelope. The chemical species can be atoms, molecules, ions, radicals, molecular ions, and/or their specific quantum states.
Addedd on: 15-Sep-2003 | hits: 3540
Category: Start / Astronomical Tools / Physical Simulations and Modelling

CIRCE  Popular
CIRCE is a software for Minor planets and comets CCD astrometry.
Addedd on: 19-Sep-2003 | hits: 3494
Category: Start / Astronomical Tools / Astrometry and Geodesy