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Astronomical Data Query Language  Popular
The Astronomical Data Query Language is a proposed standard for the interoperability in the development of the International Virtual Observatory . ADQL is based on SQL but is passed in parse tree form as XML. The Servers in the Virtual Observatories could be searched using an ADQL query. The servers would return VOTables as a result of the query.
Addedd on: 27-Oct-2003
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CDSclient  Popular
The cdsclient package is a set of C and csh routines which can be built on Unix stations or PCs running Linux, which once compiled allow to query some databases located at CDS over the network.
Addedd on: 29-Oct-2004
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CURSA  Popular
CURSA is a package of application programs for manipulating astronomical catalogues and similar tabular datasets. There are applications to examine catalogues and select subsets of then, to copy catalogues, sort catalogues, pair two catalogues, plot finding charts and perform other, more specialised, functions.
Addedd on: 26-Oct-2003
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STAR  Popular
STAR extracts selected entries of a source catalog, in any of several formats, listing the results and/or saving them to a disk file in any of several formats. If no options are specified on the command line, allowable options and current parameter values are printed.
Addedd on: 26-Oct-2003
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