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Program to organize complex structures of data.

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Atlasmaker  Popular
Atlasmaker is a grid-based workflow manager for building astronomical image atlases.
Addedd on: 16-Oct-2003
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HDF  Popular
The Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) project involves the development and support of software and file formats for scientific data management. The HDF software includes I/O libraries and tools for analyzing, visualizing, and converting scientific data. There are two HDF formats, HDF (4.x and previous releases) and HDF5.
Addedd on: 16-Oct-2003
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Treeview  Popular
Treeview is a viewer for hierarchical structures, and knows about a number of astronomical file formats (including FITS, HDS/NDF, NDX, VOTable) amongst other things. As well as examining files in a directory tree, in most cases it can work just as well on compressed files, data from a URL, and data in (optionally compressed) zip or tar archives. Operation is very intuitive.
Briefly: a tree structure is shown in one panel of a window, and its nodes can be expanded or collapsed by clicking with a mouse. When a node is selected, additional information about it is made available in the other panel of the window; different information about the same selected node can be seen by clicking tabs. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a screenshot:
Addedd on: 20-Oct-2003
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