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Large collection of Tools, for ease of installation and/or integration.

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AstroMake  Popular
Astromake is a small package (a few scripts, with some aliases and rc files) intended to make installations of some common astronomical packages (in binary form) easy. In practice it is a shell script that with the aid of makefiles wraps around rpm's, tarballs and debian packages, currently the three most common package formats (see also OpenPKG for a new alternative)
Addedd on: 18-Nov-2003
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HEAsoft  Popular
Unified release of the FTOOLS and XANADU software packages, now comprises also fv and xstar
Addedd on: 26-Nov-2003
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Open Source Astronomy  Popular
The Open Source Astronomy (formerly Linux for Astronomy project, LfA) is dedicated to compiling the most comprehensive collection of Astronomical software, and making it available for the Linux Mac OS X, or Windows operating systems.
Addedd on: 29-Nov-2003
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SCISOFT  Popular
Scisoft is a project within ESO to provide a collection of astronomical software utilities, mostly public domain tools developed outside ESO, in a uniform way at all four ESO sites. Major data-analysis packages (eg, IRAF/STSDAS, ESO-MIDAS and IDL) are included as well as many smaller utilities.
Addedd on: 29-Nov-2003
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