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Collections of routine to store/archive data.

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pgSphere  Popular
pgSphere is an extra module for PostgreSQL which adds spherical data types. It provides : input and output of data, containing, overlapping and other operators, various input and converting functions and operators, circumference and area of an object, spherical transformation, indexing of spherical data types, several input and output formats
Addedd on: 27-Oct-2003
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The Common Data Format (CDF)  Popular
The National Space Science Data Center's (NSSDC) Common Data Format (CDF) is a self-describing data abstraction for the storage and manipulation of multidimensional data in a discipline-independent fashion. Although CDF has its own internal self describing format, it consists of more than just a data format. CDF is a scientific data management package (known as the "CDF Library") which allows programmers and application developers to manage and manipulate scalar, vector, and multi-dimensional data arrays.
Addedd on: 15-Oct-2003
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XSIL  Popular
The Extensible Scientific Interchange Language (XSIL) is a flexible, hierarchical, extensible, transport language for scientific data objects. XSIL is an XML-derived markup language designed for representing common scientific data objects such as table, parameter, array, and so on.
Addedd on: 16-Oct-2003
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