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Routines related to astrometry and position measurements.

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Astrometry for OS X 
Astrometry for OS X is a native port of system, web service server and GUI wrapper. It is tightly coupled with AstroImager and its image solving feature, but you can use it as a standalone application as well.
Addedd on: 08-Feb-2018
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eSTAR middleware  Popular
The eScience Telescopes for Astronomical Research (eSTAR) Project is a robotic telescope network. Work is ongoing on the software front and some of the middleware, written by the project that can be generally useful, will be distributed to the community as per modules under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Among these module there are: Astro::FITS::Header, Astro::ADS, Astro::CATALOG.
Addedd on: 15-Feb-2003
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jNOVAS 3.1 Library  Popular
jNOVAS 3.1 is a java wrapper for library developed and distributed by The United States Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command (NMOC) with included JPL planetary and lunar ephemeris DE421 binary file published by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Addedd on: 18-Feb-2012
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NOVAS  Popular
NOVAS is an integrated package of subroutines for the computation of a wide variety of common astrometric quantities and transformations.
Addedd on: 26-Feb-2003
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SLALIB  Popular
The SLALIB library provides the software developer with a wide range of positional-astronomy functions. SLALIB (either the Tpoint Software C version or the Fortran version from the UK Starlink Project) is widely used by professional astronomers. It is at the heart of almost all the control systems for telescopes over 3 meter aperture developed during the past decade. The library includes over 180 functions, using accurate and up to date algorithms.
Addedd on: 09-Feb-2003
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WCSLIB  Popular
WCSLIB is a C library which implements the FITS WCS convention. A set of wrappers is also provided for FORTRAN programming.The "World Coordinate System" (WCS) convention defines keywords and usage for describing astronomical coordinate systems in a FITS image header. WCSLIB, either in part or whole, is currently used for coordinate handling within a number of major astronomical software systems.
Addedd on: 28-Feb-2003
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