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Tools to project various portion of instruments.

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3D RoboLab  Popular
3D RoboLab used as Grippers Robot simulator for executing virtual tasks in 3 dimensions mode, which allow users to get full study of robot motion in addition to ability to programming the robots in virtual and/or reality modes.
Addedd on: 05-Feb-2010
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Aberrator  Popular
The Aberrator is freeware that generates star-testing images to show the effects of aberrations(distortions) influencing the quality of a telescopes performance.
Addedd on: 20-Feb-2003
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BRL-CAD  Popular
BRL-CAD is a powerful constructive solid geometry solid modeling system that includes an interactive geometry editor, ray tracing support for rendering and geometric analysis, network distributed framebuffer support, image and signal-processing tools.
Addedd on: 10-Feb-2005
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Electric VLSI Design System  Popular
The Electric VLSI Design System is a complete Electronic Design Automation (EDA) system that can handle many forms of circuit design
Addedd on: 08-Feb-2005
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gEDA Suite  Popular
gEDA is a collection of tools which are used for electrical circuit design, simulation and prototyping/production.
Addedd on: 08-Feb-2005
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jINDI / wINDI Project  Popular
jINDI / wINDI is a project of cross platform observatory control software development based on INDI standard (Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface by Elwood C. Downey).
Addedd on: 20-Feb-2012
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Open Workbench  Popular
Open Workbench is an open source Windows-based desktop application that provides robust project scheduling and management functionality and is free to distribute throughout the enterprise.
Addedd on: 06-Feb-2005
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Umbrello  Popular
Umbrello UML Modeller is a Unified Modelling Language diagram programme for KDE. UML allows you to create diagrams of software and other systems in a standard format.
Addedd on: 17-Feb-2007
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ZEMAX  Popular
The ZEMAX Optical Design Program is a comprehensive software tool for optical design. ZEMAX integrates all the features required to conceptualize, design, optimize, analyze, tolerance, and document virtually any optical system.
Addedd on: 17-Feb-2003
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