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Global File System (GFS)  Popular
Red Hat Global File System (GFS) is an open source, POSIX-compliant cluster file system and volume manager that executes on Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers attached to a storage area network (SAN). It works on all major server and storage platforms supported by Red Hat.
Addedd on: 29-Jun-2004
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Knoppix STD  Popular
Knoppix-STD is a customized distribution of the Knoppix Live Linux CD. STD focuses on information security and network management tools. It is meant to be used by both the novice looking to learn more about information security and the security professional looking for another swiss army knife for their tool kit.
Addedd on: 29-Jun-2004
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Scientific Linux  Popular
Scientific Linux is in essence, a commercial enterprise linux distribution, recompiled. What we have done is taken the source code from Enterprise (in srpm form) and recompiled them. We then bundle all these binaries into a linux distribution that is as close to the commercial enterprise distribution as we can get it. The goal is to ensure that if a program runs and is certified on the commercial enterprise linux distribution, then it will run on the corresponding Scientific release.
Addedd on: 09-Jun-2006
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